Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Earthling experience (#2505)

I come from an analyzing, reasoning and concluding type species. I am a human being. What has been my experience as a human being? For the first part of my life it was a struggle to understand what our society was evolving towards. As a young person I had no idea about the intricacies that were being used to either disguise the truth of things or at least misdirect from the truth of things. All I knew was that common logic and decency were being devalued for the sake of some ideal having to do with commerce and profit. I would sit back and try to think why we were so consumed with irrelevant actions when the universe was ours to explore and experience. I assuredly became frustrated and demoralized at the intense pressure put on all of us to live within certain boundaries for the length of our lives that required us to let go of the best of our curious natures and instead fit into the cog of machinery as an ideal. I get that we need to have a functioning society and that work is part of our civilized behavior. yet our greed for profit has overshadowed the basic utility of keeping us busy while we advance out and beyond our planet. It seems now that the greed has superseded our advancing out into discovery and instead has focused back in toward a survival of the fittest mentality that is willing to let us ween our society down in order to maximize profit for those few who are able to game the system most effectively. The reason we have commerce and industry is not just to survive and create profit, it is a stand by position until our technology and innovation can give us wings out into the great universal void. My earthling experience was kindled with hope when our species landed on the Moon those many decades ago, but that kindling has been tempered by those shallow, fearful, greedy souls who are content to sit on Earth and lord over any and all who would exist here.

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