Sunday, December 13, 2015

Open to discovery (#2508)

This is why I believe in the scientific method and logic. I am open to learning anything that has a proof to it that survives logic. I am not settled into a way of thinking that precludes me from an objective analysis. On the contrary, unlike those who have given over their right to think for themselves in a logical way, I am not beholden to some theology or philosophy that restricts my ability to learn and grasp new ideas and understandings. I am an existential human being living on a planet for a finite amount of time. These are the facts. From this foundation I can grow. Outside our planet is a void that has within it many sphere's and objects held in orbits and suspensions through the laws of gravity and other physical forces that we know of. The bulk of my life as I have known myself has not been to question why I am here but to actually experience the who I am here and the how I shall live my life here. I know that as time goes by and it has been flying by in my life that I will not be here for much longer based upon lifespans we humans generally have evolved toward. So the idea that I would be spending my time trying to form some kind of structure that explains not only my existence but my after existence is fruitless and more in line with science fiction and not actual science. I have the current modest laws of how our Universe operates to think about in order to continue my quest to learn. We humans have just begun the great discovery of how time and space operate in the large and small ways. We are but the tiniest of creatures in the panoramic view of our Universe but even though we are, we have an immense opportunity to understand more about our overall habitat than any other species know throughout our history. I will not be swayed from my destiny to exist here with all the natural and mental ability I can muster to make a dent in the unknown as it is today.

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