Monday, December 7, 2015

Progressive liberalism is the best path forward (#2502)

We here in America need to quit deluding ourselves to the idea that survival of the fittest is the only way to structure our society. In as large a society that we have the disappointment and unfairness associated with uneven and unequal starts in life make it starkly clear that not all have the same opportunities to succeed. The wealthy will always have the advantages and privileges that wealth bring thereby keeping a small subset of people in the most advantageous successful opportunities. Whereby those of us who are less fortunate with no money have to pave our way with nothing more than genius to hopefully succeed. Even then genius cannot many times overcome economic disparity nor social unrest caused by economic inequality and racial/gender condescension. So a foundation fro survival must be established. It isn't proper or good that spending all our time to just barely meeting the demands of renting a space on our planet is our reality. I saw something the other day that hit home quite starkly with me. We humans are the only ones who must pay to exist on our planet. No other species is given this burden, and the worst part is is that we do this to ourselves. So instead of forcing ourselves to waste time and energy that is limited in each of our lives just to survive, we should have a basic income for all human beings from which to survive on and then let us use our time and energy repaying society with an established and efficient life that focuses on what a better future we can all agree on. Outer space is our next evolutionary step in our manifest destiny to explore the unknown and satisfy our curiosities. Schooling must be available for all of us who want and need it so that our most productive minds are available to grow and nurture our greatest imaginings. Progressive liberalism gets us there to being the best humans we can be without the drudgery of disappointment and unfairness that is currently the status quo.

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