Saturday, December 19, 2015

Progressive/liberal roots are important (#2514)

About voting for the democratic nominee. I hear many from our democratic party say that they will only vote for their candidate no matter who wins the primary. I can't tell how terrible this is for progressive/liberal policies. If we all don't rally behind our party, of which our candidates have affiliated themselves with then we will be metaphorically, cutting off our head to spite our nose. All of our democratic candidates have this in common, they all want a liberal/progressive to occupy the White House and Congress. Let there be no mistake about this, all of our candidates are liberal/progressives it is just by degree that separates them. The other major party has no semblance of a liberal/progressive running as it's standard bearer. So if our democratic nominee is not elected because too many refused to vote, then the whole of liberal/progressivism will be set back if not permanently harmed. So all this quibbling about holding grudges and misinformed held positions is trivial when compared to the bigger picture. We will also see our particular democratic candidates who don't win the nomination, come out in full force and support the democratic candidate that does win our nomination. What then will those who declare allegiance to only one candidate do? Will they keep their stated pledge to not vote or will they be persuaded by their candidate to support the eventual nominee? For all of our sakes I hope it is to rally behind the democratic party nominee and not only elect the next liberal/progressive president but to fill up congress with democratic office holders. Many have a wrong headed idea about calling themselves democrats and I can understand why when some of the nonsense of a few have sullied some of our democratic party election services, yet, the idea of a Republican in our White House is cringe worthy and no amount of justification for not voting based upon some angry denial will ever be enough to wash the shame off.

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