Saturday, December 12, 2015

Republican voters don't get that their candidates don't care for them (#2507)

It is not like these Republican candidates offer these Republican voters anything. It is more that Republican candidates want to take things from others. That is the appeal for Republican voters, that even if they have to give up something, others, whom they don't like or actually hate, have to give up things also. There is also the bonus for Republican voters that others have to fight in wars that Republican candidates clamor for. it is a two-fer. Kill off some foreign others with American others. "Others" are the illusory threat Republican voters are working to eliminate and by voting for Republican candidates they are helping themselves keep their hatred and dislike flourishing. Instead of seeking mental health avenues designed to make them see that we are all human beings and none of us are "others" they refuse science and logic and cling to their belief in separate and unequal dogma. On the other end are the Republican candidates who have their own agenda in utilizing Republican voters. Republican candidates know that these low information Republican voters do not care that by segregating out those whom they despise, they are being played to help the wealthy, who are the real constituents of the Republican candidates. But for Republican voters the idea of hurting the others is greater than knowing that they are helping the wealthy. It is a trade off they are willing to ignorantly follow. Meanwhile, the wealthy, most of whom are Republican, continue to work behind the scenes of their favorite Republican candidates to nefariously foment the differences between the Republican voters and whom they see as others. Like a puppet on a string the Republican voters are ready and willing to stand proud for prejudice and bias as if it were a birthright.

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