Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Science, the great equalizer (#2511)

Unlike religion, science has the ability to start anew with each person. There is no direct promise of anything with science, it is a magical adventure that begins with each person's own interest. What we get out of science is rational thought based upon logic and common sense. There is no entry fee nor some set of dogmas that must be met for us to join. There is only a curious nature needed and we all have that as part of who we are as human beings. Science does not offer us an after life based upon only our willingness to believe in the unprovable, instead it offers us tangible facts and truths for us to live with in our Earthly existence. Science is the paradigm of understanding based upon the laws of nature and physics about our Universe, not an imaginary illusion based upon myth and superstition regardless of how well those myths and superstitions appease our fears. Science is less a comfort as a safe harbor and more a stout vessel for navigating rough waves. Science gives us real information that we can build into knowledge with the help of logic and common sense. That is something I can believe in. A real fact or truth based upon the observable and provable. Science also gives us a look into our natures as humans. We see through biology that we humans are basically all the same. We also see how similar we are to all the other species on our home planet. We learn that not only are we all the same as humans but our dreams, hopes and desires are the same as well. Although our philosophies about society may diverge from being practical and helpful at times, they do not diverge enough for us to change from the ideals that each individual is their own sovereign within the overall framework of a healthy functioning society. Science let's us see that as change is constantly occurring so is our ability to adapt our scientific method to those changes.

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