Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The immaturity of selfishness (#2525)

Why do so many hate other people's children? Why? I am not going to delve into the possibilities but know this for sure that it is a fact. Otherwise no one would allow for poverty and hunger to exist. Regardless of the hurdles necessary to overcome, there would be no child suffering for basic human needs. Selfishness is not the reason for the hate but it is the outcome of it. With all that we do on this planet what is worth more than caring for those who need our care? Can having the greatest mansion be as fulfilling or the greatest lifestyle imaginable be as satisfying? How is it that luxury is sought after far more than being a noble person? How is that? What is worse is that luxury has an inversely proportional effect. With more luxury comes more poverty. Do we not get that? I suppose being ignorant is a handy excuse but there is no excuse that is viable when we are human beings. The greatest species to have evolved in our known universal history and for anyone to claim ignorance is to call all of us naive and ignorant. No, it is a selfishness that spawns from within that has a manifest destiny within some of us that, regardless of fact or truth, will not be allayed. When we were children we often exhibited behavior that was obvious as immaturity. Selfishness being chief among them. Yet somehow we have allowed for selfishness in adults to be regarded as sensible and smart business acumen. The hypocrisy of just that is unbelievable yet coupled with selling selfishness as a virtue is wholly unfathomable and an abomination to logic and common sense. Yet here we are in America worshipping the economic policies that herald greed over community. For the life of me I cannot nor will I accept this current paradigm and if it takes all of me I will never stop calling out the immaturity of selfishness in all it's forms.

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