Saturday, December 26, 2015

The wealthy and their republican politicians do not want an egalitarian society (#2521)

Instead they want a survival of the fittest society where we are always struggling with each other for what limited resources that are left after the wealthy have taken their large share. It is a way to keep us occupied by fighting with each other while they continue to protect and acquire even greater wealth. This is why social programs are under attack by republicans. This is why education is under attack by republicans. This is why health care for all of us is under attack by republicans. This is why republicans are against creating new and better job opportunities for many of us because they do not want more of the economic resources going to us when they can have it by stifling the economy through austerity. This is why republicans would rather fight wars, with we non-wealthy doing the fighting, so that the wealthy can make hundreds of billions of dollars supplying the weapons and supplies. The wealthy and their representative party, republicans, are so ingrained with wealth accumulation, to the exclusion of everything else, that they are more than willing by their own condescending nature to destroy democracy in order to protect their greed. I really try to be blunt when I post on this economic and political reality because too many of us are not seeing the bigger picture and only a cold slap in the face will wake us from our inattention. We Americans are under attack by the wealthy in our own country and for us to continue to do nothing while the wealthy and republicans continue to erode our fundamental right to keep our society fair and equal is for us to bow down to their strategy and let them make us their tools. How much longer will we let them humiliate us so that they can keep us silent and subservient? How much longer will we let our democracy be stolen from us so that the wealthy and republicans can crush what is left of our hopes and dreams for our futures?

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