Saturday, December 5, 2015

Twenty five hundred blog posts (#2500)

So it seems that my individual mind must have a lot of thoughts in it. Almost everyday for close to seven years now I find something to write about that takes up approximately 250 words. I sort of set myself to around that limit so as not to become redundant or too boring with the discussion I present each day. So far the amount of words seems to be working as well as the time of day, early morning for the most part. I missed 3 days of posting back on day three, day 622 and day 1042. I missed day 3 because I just hadn't gotten into the rhythm of writing everyday. Day 622 and day 1042 were bad sick days where I was just unable to write. On all three occasions I wrote two the next day, one for that particular day and one as a make-up, to keep at least the count correct if not the streak of everyday. So here I am with 2,500 posts covering 2,500 days and still with a lot to say. The one thing about this is that although I have covered many subjects a couple of times, as I continue to grow and see things with a greater perspective I am able to comprehensively add to my previous observations. So no matter what, there will never be a lack of insight for me to try to articulate. I suppose I am the type of person who needs to get things out of himself in order not to carry them around without a vent or forum to release them. This blogger site allows me that immense opportunity. I would hope more people like me would start something similar although maybe not the same but something that is more tailored to each individuals need to express. Some may want to post more than once a day or less than once a week. Whatever works to give ourselves a chance to let our inner thoughts reach publication. I hope that this form of expression will end up in the ether of the universe and in some way mark my existence within it. My form of letting all of existence know that I was here and although I am gone here is what I think and feel.

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