Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Arrogance isn't leadership! (#2552)

     The more one invests in their own education the more one realizes the subtle differences in human behavior. Take arrogance for instance. It seems it is often mistaken for leadership. As if someone being arrogant shows that they are unwavering, a determined quality that often hides the fact of their opinion, regardless if their opinion is irrational or illogical. I have recently heard the rhetoric of those who say some republicans speak their minds forcefully, and that the act of being forceful is enough to convince many that they are leaders worthy of a following, despite the intent of their message. I see it in Trump, Christie, Cruz, Paul etc...
     Saying outrageous things that are both harmful and un-American but with such ferocious invectiveness that it is the delivery that is being honored, not the message. Sometimes I wonder about our citizenry. How we can be led around by our worst natures as long as they are produced and elevated with a confident, almost sociopathic clarion call. We seem to like the carnival barker more than the logical orator. This is where I presume it is because we don't care to be educated to facts as much as we enjoy the emotional mob mentality. The easy way for many of us as long as the easy way harms others, not us. But what we can't seem to grasp is the slippery slope of it all.
     How we become attached to ignorance and bullying instead of knowledge and sacrifice. The slippery slope is when arrogance conquers one victim it is in constant search for the next. The end game for arrogance is no mercy and that is what isn't being calculated by those who choose to the shortcuts in life. Intelligence takes work, work of pleasure and satisfaction if it be known. I have never wanted anything more than I do intellectualism. To follow in the footsteps of the greatest thinkers of our human era. I know I fall miserably short in most areas but not all. My redemption is that the least I can do is protect the process by which our heroic leaders have blazed. In the meantime I am aware of the arrogant ones who would dishonor our magnificent human enlightenment.

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