Friday, January 8, 2016

Food stamp usage and the minimum wage (#2534)

     I hear that a prominent republican presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, is proposing to end the federal food stamp program and replace it with a grant program for every state. So instead of having one program for helping about 45 million men, women and children have something to eat every month,, he wants there to be 50 programs with differing equations for folks to have to meet in order to continue to receive life sustaining nutrition. This is just another attempt by a republican to take a successful program at helping the poor and strangling it.
     Instead of offering changes to how wealthy corporations receive greater tax breaks and government handouts than the poor, republicans go after the poor. If you haven't figured it out yet or were unsure about claims made that republicans are the political party that has one group of society as their constituents, the wealthy, then you should be able to figure it out now. No legislation has been offered by republicans that would reign in tax breaks and social welfare for corporations. Even legislation that has been offered to cut corporate welfare by democrats has been obstructed by republicans. Republicans not only do not want to raise the minimum wage but want to eliminate the federal minimum wage.
     What we are seeing with the inability of republicans to care about what income inequality is doing to the poor can be evaluated clearly through what is happening to military families. 25% of military families rely on food stamps/food aid to meet their monthly necessities. If republicans are going to continue to obstruct raising the federal minimum wage while also advocating for stricter formulas in determining which of the poor can eat and which of the poor cannot eat, then you should have no doubt that republicans are a nasty and brutish lot concerned only with the wealthy in our society!

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