Friday, January 1, 2016

Help, not hurt (#2527)

A new year and a new beginning if one wants. I have had it with those who have no carrot but only a stick. Harm is not a motivator, instead it is a fomenter of rebellion. On the other hand help is a motivator and it eases into a more peaceful reality. All we humans and higher order animals want is more peace with less strife. This is not hard to figure out among those of us who care to understand human and animal nature. What we have too much of instead are those who would punish us for not being who or what they want us to be, while also punishing animals for any self beneficial reason. All for the satisfaction from some economic selfishness and/or psychological pathology. There is a bigger picture out there where we humans and animals coexist in a way that benefits all of us. The challenge is for all of us to want that for all of us. That is the problem however as too many do not care or want a society that exhibits the best of who we are. We, in time can be even better but until we start we will never know what that will be. It all starts with doing no harm. The current republican party is one area that we can change with the use of our votes. Their politics are such that most of their strategy centers on harming the many for the benefit of the few. We can change that when the voting time comes and remove them from political office. We need leaders who are much more like the democrats of today, open and inclusive with tolerance for all who care to be a part of a just society. Helping is natural for our species and for the higher order animal species'. We see examples everywhere yet for some reason that has more to do with a mental incongruity with our own natures we continue to subvert from our beginning into a new era of hope. Help, not hurt is simple enough for us to remember and then to implement into our daily routines. It starts with us but surely does not end with us.

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