Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I don't vote for people I vote for policies (#2546)

     Whoever has the best policies gets my vote. I don't care who or what person is running, I only care about the policies they are championing. If I cannot get my ideal candidate with the best policies then I go to the next best candidate with policies that still align with the philosophy of democracy. I think of it as being blind and the only thing I can know is what each candidate is promoting. Democracy is precious to me so the policies that promote equality of opportunity, fairness and justice are the most important. I can apply each of these democratic principles to the policies being offered and if they align with a particular candidate then that candidate is my choice.
     Let me give some examples. If a candidate is promoting policies that include all American citizens in the voting process then that is my candidate. If a candidate is promoting equal pay for equal work for both men and women then that is my candidate. If a candidate is promoting health care as a right for all Americans then that is my candidate. If a candidate is promoting immigration reform that settles the question as to how all migrants can become citizens then that is my candidate. If a candidate is about improving education and making it accessible to all American citizens then that is my candidate. You can see where I am going here. I m about all Americans enjoying the opportunity for success and happiness.
     The gender or color of a candidate's skin has no basis in my decision to choose who would lead our nation best. It is always the policies. Now I have heard many say that some policies are impossible to achieve so we should vote for a candidate that doesn't try to improve society when the attempt will fail in their minds. I say this to them, do not be afraid to challenge the status quo by voting for what you know is right and good. Be afraid if you don't, since not trying to better our society is just what those that represent the status quo are hoping for. If for one am not an acquiescer. I am a fighter to the end and nothing short of standing up for honor and virtue are worthy of my time.

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