Saturday, January 2, 2016

If you don't want to know then what is wrong with you? (#2528)

Ignorance is not bliss. Here's why. Others want to know what you fail to want to know. That makes them smarter than you. Do you get that? You purposely make yourself ignorant by choice, even though your nature is to learn. How impossible is it for anyone to take you serious on anything when you refuse to become informed? For the life of me the only people I can rationally understand to not want to learn are those who are afraid. Fear is a powerful motivator to withdraw from intelligence but it isn't strong enough to stop the rest of us who demand to live as who we are, a curious caring species. So why are some born to be afraid to be a real human being? Maybe it isn't what we lack in DNA as humans that make us relinquish our natures, instead it may be what we are taught at a young age to indoctrinate us from our curious nature. However we are made to "conform" to a life based upon fallacies, we must find a way to move out of that darkness and shadows and into the light of day where everything is in our view if we would just grasp it. Knowledge is something we can attain for ourselves despite what others may do to dissuade us. We can hold our principles of care for each other without having to suppress our need to understand, seek out and know. The human being species is the most amazing organism ever to have traversed this planet. Maybe even the universe if we just allow ourselves to discover what may be. No artificial limit is worth the fear one must endure in order to lower oneself toward. I have always seen myself as a fighting man, not recklessly thrashing about against others, but a fighting man who will never rest on the safe harbor of illusion. I want the truth and facts of things to rule my knowledge base and the memories I create from them.

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