Sunday, January 10, 2016

Republican arrogance will kill us all through denying climate change (#2536)

     The worst part about the current dilemma we have with rising temperatures is that Republicans are not convinced that we are in a life and death struggle to survive. They merely pass off climate change as natural and not worthy of any special reconfigurations to our commercial and private energy usages. They are also fatalistic in many ways by saying that our climate is in "Gods hands". Well given that Republicans control both the Senate and the House, we have little ability as a political nation to address climate change when Republicans refuse to admit to believing scientific evidence.
     Many of we liberal/progressives who use science, logic and common sense as tools for understanding what is actually happening with climate change have already started to feel that we have passed the point of no return to normal. There are those who continue to have hope that we have not reached the "tipping point" and I hope for all of our sakes that they are right. But even if they are right, there is a need to stop denying that man made climate change is bolstering the reality that the human species may not recover from the effects climate change will bring about.
     If any one paradigm can show the insatiable effect of greed on dirty energy polluters and their political cohorts it is in denying climate change. As long as they are able to profit off of the existing dirty energy practices they will not change even when all hope is gone. Which is why it is so important to vote this coming November for democrats everywhere on the ballot and to make sure no republican returns to public office. We democrats realize that all efforts to reinvent our energy supplies along the lines of lessening the CO2's we are currently spewing into our atmosphere will necessarily be our highest priority going forward. As quickly and efficiently as possible, leaving behind the greedy dirty energy producers to antiquity.

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