Saturday, January 9, 2016

Republican false flag of freedom and rights (#2535)

What I heard yesterday I imagine is typical right wing thinking. I was told that the democratic agenda was troubling, health care is a thing of the past and that our freedom and rights are being destroyed. All of these points are topics from the right wing media that hopes to take those who are not as well informed about politics and take their anger at having difficult lives and transferring the blame over to we liberal/progressives. This continuing theme of "Obama is coming for your guns" is not only a lie but it is devised as a tactic to stir up those who don't take the time to research for the truth. This is where the republican agenda of making education hard for our citizenry cashes in for them. Republicans like our citizenry to be ill informed and without the wherewithal to think critically.
     The simple "mob mentality" is easy enough for those within our society who cannot think for themselves, so instead rely on those who would stir up passions, even if those passions are our worst natures. Racism, sexism, culturalism and nationalism are the rallying cries for those of us who have not been fortunate enough to see who republicans really are. Republicans tell us that it is the others among us that are the problem so that we do not look at the real culprits, the wealthy. Income inequality is at its greatest apex and still growing but republicans point in other directions hoping to divide us and keep us from realizing that we are all being duped!
     I for one will not allow the wealthy and their bought and paid for republican party a free run through time and space to achieve their agenda. I will stand up to them with everything I have knowing that regardless the outcome I have done well with being not only an honorable person but not relenting on our noble democratic principles. Life is too short to be caught up in the wave of anger and hatred. Find you inner soul and all that goodness you have within you and defend it in public and private.

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