Friday, January 15, 2016

Republicans don't care about the working/middle/poor class (#2541)

Care is a word that is defined mainly as concern for someone or something. Concern is mainly defined as something of importance or connection. So when we care about the welfare of a group of people we necessarily have a personal stake in the outcome. What republicans have for the working/middle/poor class is not care, it is barely tolerance. By barely tolerant, I mean a condescending, harmful approach to them that reflects disdain much more than compassion. For some unintelligible reason, republicans blame the working/middle/poor class for their inability to be economically successful all the while undermining every opportunity for that success to occur.
     It is hypocritical in the least of intents and/or inherently hateful in the most obvious of intents. What republicans have settled for is to punish all those who are not philosophically aligned to their tragically flawed illogic with derogatory rhetoric and political policies aimed at making the working/middle/poor class as miserable as possible. This falls in line with their approach to beat the working/middle/poor class into submission instead of doing what democrats are trying to do which is to make our society much more equal in economic opportunity and overall fairness.
     We electorate, who are still able to vote given all the attempts by republicans over the years to disenfranchise American citizens right to vote, need to make a concerted effort to make all republicans pay at the ballot box for their disingenuous philosophy of rounding up the working/middle/poor class like we are cattle and forcing us to accept becoming much less that we are. In the republican utopia, some are kings and queens while the rest of us are just here for their servicing. The idea of democracy to republicans is the freedom to utilize American citizens as pawns on a chess board, an unlimited supply to sacrifice to their every whim.

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