Sunday, January 17, 2016

The choice to live in fear is not bold! (#2543)

     There are times when fear just happens to us and that moment is at times inescapable. But what I have learned is that immediately after that moment I have a choice to either remain in fear or to push back against it. Pushing back against fear is my choice now that I know the difference between remaining in fear and all the cowardice that brings on me and pushing back against it and the courage I get by making and taking a stand against fear. We are human and in the real sense of the universe we are just a frail little thing. Yet, we have a mind and a will to survive so letting our insignificance demoralize me I choose to take on the role of underdog and fight.
     You may say that I am not right in saying that fear is a choice. Well it isn't a choice when it occurs but to remain in the fear is a choice. We have to acquiesce to it in order for fear to become our emotional existence. I find that conquering my own fear is far better for me than to let that fear chart the course of my life. The unknown has that kind of effect on many so instead of accepting fear as a default, we can adjust our settings and realize that fear is only a warning about something, not a destination we must go. I take all the tools that life has gifted me with and utilize them as helpers to allow me to live as I best choose to do.
     Yes, fear is a tool. It is remarkable in the sense that it co-exists with my need to survive. But my need to survive or my need to be warned about danger does not rule how I choose to live my life. They are only factors for consideration in the decisions I must make. So in conclusion, my sense about fear is well and good but only to make me keenly aware of something. From then on it is up to me to take the next step not only figuratively but literally as well. The day I let fear dominate my life choices is the day I have quit on being me. For me, that is not a rational choice.

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