Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Voting voting voting (#2553)

     It is time to make sure we are registered to vote since this is a presidential election year and the primary voting for each party starts next week in Iowa and then New Hampshire. In order to get our favorite candidate in place for each party we must help our particular candidate get to the nomination of our particular party. The process starts next week so making sure you are registered to vote will allow you to participate in choosing the next leader of our country. What you also get to do is vote for the down ballot candidates that effect more localized change. But none of it will be a choice for you to stand for if you are not registered to vote.
     You can check to see if you are registered to vote by clicking on this link and following the prompts: Why do you need to participate in voting? As an American citizen it is your right to have a say in our democracy. If how you live and what opportunities there are matter to you then you need to look at the parties and candidates that are running for elected public office and see if they represent what you see for our collective future. You may decide that you don't want to waste your time learning policies or even participating in the voting process but what you do by choosing to not vote is to abdicate your choice for our future to others to decide for you.
     There is no guarantee that your candidate or party will succeed in the election but if you do vote then at least you have given them a better chance to succeed than if you didn't vote at all. Remember, even the right to vote is being played out in our politics so if you decide not to vote you may well be allowing candidates and a particular party to take your future vote from you. Democracy, like freedom must be defended at every opportunity otherwise there are forces out there that would rather take your democracy and freedom from you and rule over you with oppression and condescension. Make sure you are registered and then exercise your vote when the voting time comes. It is your right for now!

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