Sunday, January 31, 2016

When change seems insurmountable then push harder (#2557)

     I get a lot of this lately. We can't do this or we can't have this. Yet this is what we all need! I accept that the status quo doesn't allow for certain things to exist, but I don't accept that the status quo is unchangeable enough to allow for better certain things to exist. If the metaphorical box we live in is unable to adjust to modernity, innovation and creativity then our box needs to be expanded or replaced. We are not in a solid nutshell, we are in a soft expanding balloon, metaphorically of course. :) So anytime I hear that we can't do better for our society, which is a democracy rooted in equality, then I know I am hearing someone who has lost hope for change or is not courageously enlightened enough to fight for what is better.
     We have been so programmed to see our future as only able to incrementally advance so when we see or hear of major change we hesitate because it is not something that we have experienced in our lifetimes. Despite our inexperience we should be able to understand the difference when an opportunity does appear. All that is left is our ability to fight and push harder for that major breakthrough. I know this much for certain, if we don't take advantage of our opportunities for real change we will lose them as quickly as they appear. then all that is left is for us is to once again go about our full lives fighting for bits and pieces of uneven small change.
     I for one am not willing to settle for the table scraps in life. We are all magnificent beings and none of us is any less worthy than another of a good and quality filled life of opportunity to realize it. I believe in merit as a differentiator in how we make our own destinies but until we have a level starting point for all our citizens then the reality of merit will remain compromised. The end of privilege and advantage will not come about until we all make an effort for all our lives to have special meaning.

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