Thursday, February 18, 2016

Aspiration is our destiny (#2575)

     We all should aspire to make our world a much more enlightened experience. Gone are the days of the survival of the fittest struggle and chaos. We are a modern society regardless of how many want to take that modernity away. We have moved beyond myths and superstitions dominating our cultures. Although they are still prevalent and powerful, they are not the only source for understanding our destiny. We now have logic and science to propel us into a grander era of existence. We can see possibilities now that were not visible before and nothing has changed in our natures that would restrict us from our curiosities and discoveries.
     We aspire to live in the possibilities of a future that takes the inadequacies of today and reshapes them into advantages for tomorrow. It is like taking inventory of what we have right now and better allocating our efforts to improve in all areas. A reshuffling of our minds and hearts in order to form that more perfect union our founding fathers never stopped envisioning for us. The best of who we are is still out there for us to achieve so now is the time to enact our own personal change where we need it the most. We have a clear pathway forward. Our curiosity is the engine and science is the vehicle.
     Once we garner the strength to let go of the past and it's binders and fetters, we will see that the life we live is not just some constrained reality that cannot change. We have to want better for not only ourselves but for those who are all around us. Change is natural and regardless of whether we embrace change or not, it will happen because time and space does not stay constant, it is always evolving into something else. We need to take advantage of change and shape it to our own honorable standards. Aspire to be more than you currently are and it will happen!

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