Saturday, February 13, 2016

Candidate first for now, and then if not, Democratic party first (#2570)

     I have a favorite candidate in this coming election but I am not losing sight of the bigger picture. Any of the candidates running for president this year in the democratic party is worthy of my vote. For the first thing they all one way or another support the same policies that I do. They may go about it differently, head on or with a slower pace. But regardless, they see the future mostly the way I hope it will be. Now I will quietly support my preferred candidate until the nomination has been decided and then I will stand behind and support whoever is nominated as our presidential candidate. I won't let my preference get in the way of less than perfect but better than anything else.
     I know this approach offends many who are idealistically strident in their support for their preference. I feel that within me, and when I was younger I was much more passionate about working to get everything done at once in order to quickly alleviate the injustice we all know is out there. Yet over time I have found that although I do want immediate satisfaction, I can't get it without making smaller advances at every turn. Now maybe that time will come when the stars align and everyone sees the solution at the same time but that hasn't happened yet in my time here in existence. So it is the right thing to do, that is take what is at least better when my preferred best isn't available and make progress where pain and suffering can be soothed.
     I will vote democrat no matter who our nominee is. I hope it is my candidate but either way I will support our democratic party over the harm that is the republican party. I will stand and proclaim my allegiance to whoever is our nominee as will the other candidate who does not win the nomination. Both our leading candidates understand that once we have decided our nominee, the battle begins in earnest against the tide of hate and anti-democratic philosophy. there is a much greater danger out there than us not getting our perfect candidate, it is the republican party and in no scenario will I ever allow a republican to ever again steal the presidency of our United States of America.

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