Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Compulsory national service (#2581)

     I have thought long and hard about this. There appears to be a cycle of poverty that has few obstacles to interrupting it's constant turnover. Surely the lack of jobs is real and a large part of the problem but so is ineffective education and the republican attacks on birth control. I am trying to think outside the box on this and what comes to me is that if all 18 year olds were required to serve our nation in some capacity for at least a period of 2 years, we would be able to help all these young individuals get away from their entrenched raised environments so that their perspectives become more panoramic.
     This still does not address the lingering problems with inefficient and underfunded K through 12 schools and neither does it address the ridiculous notion republicans have clung to that birth control is bad. First of all education needs to be our top priority, since a well educated society will be a well integrated society. As our citizens are made more aware of the past and and present they are more apt to participate in how and where our nation is heading. Secondly, young people are going to have sex regardless if we adults frown upon it or not. Having the choice to be preventative when sexual encounters occur give women the ability to fend off unwanted pregnancies which too often lead them to a more austere lifestyle.
     Having to devote their time to national service would give them the an eye opening insight into how our nation operates as well as help to establish some discipline in their lives where beforehand some were lacking. It does not have to be military service it can also be social service. Whichever path is taken will be one where an imprint will be left on them that will help them along with the rest of their lives. No doubt national service should also help them become more involved in the political process which is another major concern for our American society as too many young folks starting out seem to be devoid of the necessity of voter participation.

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