Saturday, February 20, 2016

I started this blog with care and curiosity as my foundation (#2577)

     We humans care and we wonder. It is no big revelation here to anyone who can see just outside themselves. Over 7 years ago I started this daily blog so that I could chronicle my thoughts and actions based upon my foundational nature to feel and know. I have occasionally written about my own personal situations but for the most part I have delved into society as a whole or lately politics and it's effect on our society. I wanted to point out that republicans want us to be a s free as possible to do pretty much anything we want while democrats want a more structured society that is as inclusive and fair as possible.
     This is the basis for the great struggle our American society is going through during my generation. It is inexplicable to me that anyone would want to return to the days of recklessness and greed but there it is, Nearly half our nation seems to think that enlightenment and discipline are not as important as self gratification and brute force. Where the imaginings and creative innovations are not heralded as modern progress and distributed throughout society as promises of a better future but instead they are forged into new tools of control to unleash upon the many by the few. Where the self gratification crowd and the power hungry brokers work to establish a reverse renaissance, to nullify our best natures and instead wreak havoc with their lust for supremacy over the rest of us.
     Care and curiosity are the two main forces within us that motivate us to think and act. When we shut these natures out from our practice of living then other more heinous human natures can raise their ugly heads out of our egos. We forget the honor and nobility of care and wonder and replace it with a cynicism unavailable in rational and reasoned human thought. The day I lose the peace I have because I won't care to help those who need it or fail to learn the great mysteries our universe has an endless supply to give us is the day after I have drawn my final breath.

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