Thursday, February 4, 2016

If your politics is of hate then you are no friend of mine! (#2561)

     It is easy to tell if your politics is of hate, just ask yourself do the policies of the party I advocate for integrate or segregate? If you are not trying to make our society more equitable then you are no friend of mine. If you are advocating for bullying tactics like arming everyone in America with a gun then you are no friend of mine. If you are more concerned about taking social programs away from seniors, the disabled and our youth then you are no friend of mine. If you don't mind that corporations are people but not subject to the laws that actually govern people then you are no friend of mine. If the idea of healthcare for everyone offends your sense of justice then you are no friend of mine.
     We are free here in America to choose to be a low down nasty brutish person if we want but with me that has some consequences. I won't try to change who you are but what I will do is turn my eliminate you from my sphere of being as much as I legally am able. I will choose to instead form my associations around people who feel the need to help people more than they need to hurt them. I get to decide what kind of person I will be as well and if you think you can be a horrible person and yet still hang around the good person I strive to be every second of the day then you have not "figured" correctly. The one thing I can control is who I choose to spend any quantity of my time with. Surely it should not bother someone who is more about being a bully then an honorable person but if it does, too bad!
     I used to feel that if someone was being so inhuman that they offended obvious societal binds I would work hard to show them why they shouldn't. It seemed like I had to "save" those who were so self-absorbed in their hate. But what has been my experience is that they relished in my naive attempt to sway them from being brutish. They instead increased their resistance to being honorable in a qualifiable way. Which made me even more resolute to show them that ugliness they were spewing. What I do now is give them a chance to see who and what they are doing by holding up a mirror for them to reflect back their anti social behavior and if that doesn't work then I bid them goodbye, if even that, with little to no option of ever saying hello again.


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