Saturday, February 6, 2016

My path (#2563)

     My path through this universe on this planet is whatever comes. I am not trying to make myself anything other than available. Surely I am not allowing myself to be at the whim of everything but I am allowing myself to make choices that reflect back out who I am. I am a kind soul who is more than grateful to be alive and also willing to care about making this world better. There is no greater purpose for me than to care about those humans and animals that face hardships. I live a simple life so that the demands on my time are less, so that I am more able to devote my time to easing pain and suffering. I am no saint but I am sensitive to hardships of others. There is no comfort in knowing that suffering is everywhere while concern is hard to find.
     It seems that there are so many know it alls who have a cynical outlook on life. Either we make our own way in the world by only our own efforts or we are just unworthy to have been born. Regardless if so many cheat, lie and steal and call it their own effort, I will stand up to them and call them what they are. Selfish souls with only a heart for their own desires. They do not care about others who have little to no hope. They dismiss them from their minds so that if they did somehow grow a conscience it wouldn't sway them from their humanity lacking course. Their peace of mind is for sale as is any honor they may have left.
     My path is not selfish nor egocentric. I am a happy soul who wants all of us to be happy. I don't need the luxuries of life to keep me puffed up. I am content that I care about those who have much less than I. I care that I ache for those who cry themselves to sleep or lessen themselves even more because they have no hope. It breaks my heart to see cowering done by those who are helpless to those who have much but no heart. I am ashamed of how too any in my race of human beings is so bent on treating other members of our race, and the animal kingdom like they are here to serve their pleasure instead of enjoying what life should be like for all of us, peaceful and happy.

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