Sunday, February 21, 2016

Republicans are dismantling the middle class (#2578)

     There is no doubt who is destroying the middle class in America. It is the republicans. For some likely greedy reason they don't want us to unionize in order to bargain for fair wages, safety features and benefits. Republicans don't want us to have a national healthcare system that would not only end exorbitant insurance policies but give us all a chance to keep our health in better form. Republicans don't want us to have a national social security system aimed at making our lives better after retirement. Instead republicans want us to be beholden to Wall street and it's callous manipulations as the only source for what little we have for our retirement savings.
     Republicans don't want us to have equal rights in voting. They pass state laws aimed at making voting harder for the poor, elderly, student and mobile, despite all being citizens of the United States. Republicans don't want women to have the right to earn as much money as a man for doing the exact same work. This one has me baffled since the only explanation for this must have to do with republicans not seeing women as equal with men. Republicans don't want clean air, water or food guidelines that would harm corporations and large companies from maximizing their profit. Republicans would rather build private for profit prisons than make college education affordable. Since making money off of inmates from the state is more beneficial to them than to create a state with a well rounded educational system.
     Republicans have made clear that they are the party of the wealthy, solely for the purpose of generating more profit for them while giving them more tax cuts in order to enlarge the wealth income gap which is already beyond the ceiling of a normally functioning democracy. Republicans have thrown aside democratic principles in order to increase capitalistic ones by diminishing necessary regulations and giving the wealthy a larger voice in how our society operates. Republicans are well on their way to making our country less democratic, with an ever decreasing middle class and we had better stop them before it is too late.

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