Monday, February 22, 2016

Still searching for the magic (#2579)

     In a harsh world where we are our only hope for the better, I still hold out hope that we humans will be the catalyst for the magic not only in the present and future for our species and the exploration and understanding of our Universe but for the relationships we have yet to experience. A manifest destiny for not only our intellect and as of yet unknown discoveries but for the emotion we feel when we do experience a once in a lifetime human connection. There is no ceiling to what we humans are capable of experiencing. We are not only biological data processors with sensors that help us distinguish information but we have memories unto which we can store and comprehensively add new and more complex conclusions.
     With all this at our fingertips we also have the ability to connect with each other in more and more diverse ways. We can find similarities with each other that gives us a basis for a foundation from which to build upon. There is much more than a foundation if we are to proceed from in order to find a magical relationship. There is the unexpected personality characteristics and the critical pheromonal connection. Although we may think alike we must also feel alike as well. Such as having a heart for pain and suffering in overall equalling degrees. Also is the scent we attract each other with. There is much to being drawn to the comfort and touch of another who who is experiencing that same equal appeal.
     So not only are we humans on a quest to take what this Universe has to offer in a physical and natural way in order to "know it" but we humans are also privileged with the personal aspect of finding someone who brings the magic out in both. Life is an amazing adventure that has within it's time limited nature the ability to not only pique our curiosity with tools to discover the unknown but also we have the opportunity to find a companion who may be the vessel to our own personal path to happiness.

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