Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Take a stand! (#2559)

     Enough with the hiding behind ignorance. There is not enough time in our lives to be wasted on hiding from what scares us. Respect is a byproduct of behavior that reflects what we do that is best about our species. When we do the "right thing" we not only find our courage and express it as an important trait of our character but we build upon a noble tradition of humans fighting for what is good. It is who we are, a species reckoned for greatness if we would only take a stand. I know younger folks like the idea of staying out of controversial subjects because they want to live beyond their young age. Fear of dying, real or imagined, can make fools of all of us. Yet what is a life lived if it is not on our own terms?
     How we live is dependent upon the courage we can muster. Are we willing to accept what we know is right and fight for it? Do we have the fortitude to stand up when others are waiting to see how things will go? It is simple for me, if it is right then standing up for it is right. I could care less if others follow or not. Yet wouldn't it be great if all of us followed the ideal of doing what is right? Nonetheless I only can control me and that is all I can control. So for me it is a simple matter of discarding the fear of dying, although I am now over 60 years old. I just want to be an example to others so that they will also dismiss their fear and do the right thing.
     No more fronts or masks shall we wear. Facing what is right in front of us is the beginning of our destiny and how we think and act after that IS our destiny. Do we care enough that we are human beings capable of majestic things? Do we have the desire to know and express what is noble within all of us? If you ever stop to consider why your life may not make sense then consider this, are you listening to what is best about you coming from inside you? Probably not, otherwise you would know what you are doing and as well know that it is an honorable endeavor.

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