Monday, February 8, 2016

The inevitability of honorable willpower (#2565)

     A determined approach that often lifts us beyond ordinary achievement. This is what willpower can accomplish. I know because willpower sustains me so it can very well sustain all the rest of us. I am often fatigued from working ceaselessly toward a goal only to see the goal moved further away from my efforts. My problem is that the goals I work toward involve all of us and when we do not work together to accomplish societal betterments the forces against us prevail. But only for the moment because like I have mentioned, my will to succeed doesn't end when I am faced with setbacks. If anything I am reinvigorated to continue because I know that what I am trying to accomplish will be that much sweeter when it is accomplished.
     Surely I tire of the sad state of progress being made and the unacceptable ambiguities perpetrated by those who have not the best intent for our society at hand. Nevertheless, I am sentinel in my honor and duty to keep alert and ready for the next attempt to end needless harm and suffering wherever I see it. I am only a human being given to the vagaries that afflict us all and as such I do become weary at times. I know this about myself so when it does occur I take a breath and try to meditate for a moment to remind myself of the time I have already lived and the precious moments I have left to do what my mind and my heart tells me is right. It is then that I find the invigorating momentum to continue to task myself with advocating for the best of our human natures.
     The inevitability of honorable willpower is similar to Dr. King's "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." quote. Perseverance is the key. Never giving in to the hardships of the stumbles along the way. We are a gritty species, capable of struggle and success if we remain relentless. Those who fight against our honorable efforts and intentions will eventually fail because they have nothing like honor and nobility of purpose fueling their efforts; which are thwarting democratic principles and driving humanity back into a constant state of fear and cruelty.

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