Saturday, February 27, 2016

The logic of science (#2584)

     Myth or fact. It does boil down to that for too many people. The appeal of the myth is that everything is settled pretty much into a simple formula for living with an expected outcome after we are dead. The myth has it's appeal since it takes away having to think for oneself and disregards facts that contradict as irrelevant. A much easier time is had when we don't have to prove anything, just accept. I suppose easy is the keyword here as we as an American society for the most part have given up trying to reason, analyze and conclude our existence here in reality. The key word here being reality. You know that thing that doesn't subscribe to myth but that subscribes instead to fact.
      I have said this many times and will say it again here. We are biological data processors with memory. We can also comprehensively upgrade our conclusions as new information is acquired. We have our five obvious senses for obtaining information and we have developed many languages to be able to share and communicate our new information. We have also recorded our history for the most part in order to understand our evolution into greater enlightenment. We have physical abilities unmatched by other species we have encountered. All this to say that we are a biological science lab, think tank, library and the equivalent of a Swiss army knife all wrapped up into one being.
     Forgive me if I am contrary to your beliefs but with all that we are it makes no sense to me that we wouldn't be more in tune with facts than with myth. My life isn't about some future beyond my being alive now. My future is my present and my logical understanding is that my future is today, not some far off tomorrow with a promise from no one who can verify the myth. I am better than that. I will not be sold the myth of what to me is a bill of goods with no guarantee of it's actual existence when I have all these human qualities to help me along with a factual life that are already in my possession.

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