Friday, February 12, 2016

When wealth secures injustice our democracy suffers (#2569)

     I know that being around wealthy folks is an odd sensation. It is as if they are not just human beings but more than that. Like they are special in some way that spellbinds us. I get that. Kind of like a respect is given without any evidence having to be shown to deserve it. This is a problem. I say that because most of the wealthy are not more special than you and I. Surely there are a few who are exceptional human beings and through their own creative and determined merit deserve at least a beginning benefit of the doubt. Yet most of the wealthy are not special in any way at all regardless of their wealth.
     Too many have inherited their wealth so only by being born into the right family are they wealthy. Too many have used dubious and underhanded methods to gain their wealth, either through gambling with other's assets for their own gain or by crossing the line of legal economic activity and actually instead of being admired, they should be shunned and run out of town tarred and feathered.
     All of this to say that wealth is no factor or should be no factor when we are determining the innocence or the guilt of anyone. Because a wealthy person can afford a team of lawyers to muddle the evidentiary process should in no way be rewarded. Our justice system has to be not only be seen by all to be fair but it must be known by all to be fair. I say that because oftentimes what is seen to be fair is not really fair at all. It must be known to be fair by the consistency of the outcomes. Our democracy demands that there be no segregating, intervening factor when adjudicating between offences committed by the wealthy or the poor. Both the wealthy and the poor must stand up and be judged by the evidence and not a whirligig of legalese. Justice is truly blind in a democracy and if we are to keep our democracy then we must end the practice of privilege and advantage for the wealthy within our justice system.

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