Saturday, March 5, 2016

A smile reels us in but it is integrity that is attractive (#2591)

     Surely a great smile is the forerunner of attractiveness but it must have integrity to it to be of value. I have had some time to figure this one out. Of all the people I have met the first idea of attractiveness is the smile. But like all things what the intent of the smile is, is what must be learned. So with more time and patience I learn more about the one who first attracted me. What I find is the person's character, or the impetus for it, her integrity. We are all a mixed bag of emotions, ambitions with successes and failures, but what we all don't share is an honor about it. Some, like me early in life, were more cavalier about our thoughts and actions and a smile was just a vehicle to get somewhere.
     The idea of a smile being the end result or the beginning of a genuineness was not a factor until I learned how much I hurt others with it. Then I in turn felt the karma of it happening to me. For awhile I was cynical until I was forced to accept the realization that anything I offer the world must be genuine and have an integrity to it or it will never be viewed as valuable. The winding path I took to finding out that life is not some great mystery, just a reflection of who we are and how we want to be did nothing for me except offer me years of wasted time and maybe just a little perspective not to use my smile as a weapon or tool but as a forerunner of my humility.
     Now I look for that smile and if it attracts me then the real work begins to see what resides behind it. We are all different and whatever we use as a foundation for our wants and desires is also different. For me, it will always be the smile and the integrity behind it. Although I have not experienced the same back at me with the few who could have, I know that regardless of whether or not I succeed with finding a relationship, I at least know where to look and how to proceed.

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