Thursday, March 3, 2016

Destroying racial prejudice (#2589)

     It is remarkably unsettling to me that I have to write about this scourge of racial prejudice. Racism is about the power of being judgmental. Who has the right to judge another human being simply for being born with a different hue to their skin? How utterly devoid of one's own self esteem. By judging another based upon a birthright factor is beneath decent and moral. The centuries of slavery that was thrust upon those of a different skin color has surely made them aware of racism even today. What is much less apparent but just as pervasive is the mindset that many whites still hold about their egoist right to be greater than those who were enslaved.
     Different cultures have different methods for structure of their societies. That one culture of people see the utility in overpowering another culture of people simply because they could and can is more an infected psychopathy about those doing the overpowering. The idea of conquerer or manifest destiny against those who are of our own species is not modern nor progressive. It is more a testament to the harsh and brutishness of our past and not anything to be proud of. Yet too many of our American society still see racism as something they deserve to assimilate. This is one of the worst of our societal ailments and until we can face the truth of all of our equalness we won't see it's abolition any time soon.
     However as we grow closer together as a melting pot within our American society the lines will cross and the color line will be much more blurred to act as an ongoing catalyst of hate and derision. The evil that is racism will slowly melt into the antiquity of our past and although it is happening much more slowly than we want it to be it is happening regardless of its unnecessarily slow pace. We destroy racism by coming together as a family and then those who hate for their own agendas will have a much harder time justifying it.

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