Thursday, March 17, 2016

I fight because I am tired of being tired. (#2603)

     Our society is shaped to the best economics for a few and the worst happiness for the many. In the title of this blog I mention that I am tired of being tired. It is because I always seem to have some obligation that needs to be addressed on a continual basis. It seems that all of us are forced into situations that need our relentless attention and action. We try to have a somewhat quality life but the effort and resources to do that are overwhelming in their necessity. I cannot remember the last time I had the time to spend just enjoying being alive without interruption. So I put my shoulder to the wheel and fight for a society that values all of us and our needs and not just some of us and their demands.
     But the fighting on a continual basis is tiring. It seems that the only comfort or relaxing I get these days is in my sleep time, and that is more tossing and turning than serene. I am not complaining here. At least I know what I want to do in life given the reality, Yet I had hoped more of us would have put a stop to the insane ownership of our society by the wealthy powerful few. We have a democracy that although is rigged in many ways still lets us chart it's direction should we so choose. But unfortunately not enough of us get that sense of urgency that is real and instead disregard our right to vote for the future we all would benefit from.
     I on the other hand do get the sense of urgency and although I am now much older than many who still have long lives ahead of them, continue to push the current societal paradigms toward more democratic policies. Why do I care? Because I view the rightness and goodness of our species and since I share that status do not want our legacy to be one that bowed to forces of a nefarious nature. We are an amazing species but at this time in our evolution, we are less so because we cannot seem to care enough to be proud of who we really are and change what we aren't into something we are.

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