Thursday, March 31, 2016

Logic and science, our path to the future (#2617)

     The days of monarchies and church controlling our lives through privilege and fear are over. We are not cattle to be driven here and there at the by your leave of antiquated institutional forces. The lording and mystical reverences these past paradigms demanded are but shallow attempts to control and manipulate. What enlightenment has shown us is that there are no deity's here on Earth nor any more magical human than another. Logic and science has gotten us to the point where we truly see we are all of the same DNA material. None of us is any more special as a soul than another. What we use to distinguish ourselves among ourselves is our imaginations, our creative ambitions and our merit as it is applied to fulfilling our hopes and dreams.
     It will be logic and science that continues to guide our futures. We will master the mechanics of the known universe as time goes by. We will take those mechanics and apply them to our nature of discovery and like the greater more kinder version of manifest destiny, we will move beyond our previous human borders. We will continue to master the nature of our own biology and the biology of other species to better prepare us for our own continuing evolution. If we continue to demand a democratic society we will also allow ourselves the best opportunity at survival as a species by bringing all our human souls into solving the equations of life.
     Some see our future as being bogged down in a less than existence based upon fear. I see our future as being an amazing journey of discovery that starts on planet Earth and extends to the infiniteness of the known and as yet undiscovered universe. I see our species unrivaled in it's capacity to learn and adapt with factual logic, uninhibited by the power structures that kept us at bay until we were able to unlock the reason, analysis and conclusion of logical thinking. Science and it's ever increasing truth gathering is our process to learn and logic is our way of understanding and sharing it's validity. We humans provide the motivation and with all three, humanity, logic and science, working in harmony the future is an incredible possibility indeed!

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