Friday, March 25, 2016

My life, happy and serious (#2611)

     I have two faces I show the world. My happy face and my serious face. The problem I have is that my happy face doesn't get as much face time as my serious face. In practical terms it should be the other way around. I am the kind of guy who likes to smile. Many things here in my world would automatically make me smile, yet not so much. There are too many reminders around me of how bad things are for others who have not the good fortune of being born in America and particularly my neck of the woods. I have blazed my trail to this place I now call home and it has been a lifetime of struggle for me to get here.
     But even then things around me are not sublime. Nowhere is there constant serenity to lose oneself in. So none of us gets to have a happy face all the time unless we just don't care about anyone but ourselves and we can afford to buy our own psuedo happiness at every turn. I must have time for my happy face though. It is the purpose for my serious face. To spend time trying to make the world a little bit happier everyday. We should all have a happy face most of the time. I hear these people talk about how things have to be a certain way even though they do nothing to make happiness more prevalent. It makes me scowl at times to hear that they care more about customs and myths than they do about real people.
     Yet it is a fact and that is why the rest of us must not listen to those who would keep the things in our society that do not have a positive effect on all of us. They only want things that give some a positive and the rest can just do without. No, I will not accept their vision for our future. We live in a democracy where the best of our ideals can and should win the day, not the greedy selfishness of privilege and advantage. None of us is identical in all ways so merit should always be the best determiner of success and example. Not the dog eat dog world where many would still have us live in that not only diminishes happiness but keeps a seriousness on our faces for much too much of the time we have so little to live.

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