Wednesday, March 30, 2016

No honor in being greedy (#2616)

     I suppose being greedy is a manifestation of those who cannot reconcile that life is not dream. Life is hard and no doubt most of us know this. I accept it and every time something good comes my way I am thankful because I know it is not that often. So I can reconcile my own fears about life into one simple act, humility. I am fortunate to be alive, I am fortunate to have survived my uninformed years and I am fortunate that my health has been good enough to allow me to finally experience health care. I have no illusions about any deserves or advantage/privilege that many seem to take as owed to them. I am not one of those.
     I think about the other 95% of the world's population that have less opportunity and possibility than I do and I feel humbled that somehow I am a lucky one. Because it is all about chance which of us is born into which country or which family. We are just souls trying to find some happiness in a world of many disappointments. But like our nature we persevere. We cling to what we have and try like all get out to make more of the good possible for our children, at least many of us do. There are many others who care not for what the future brings unless it involves their own greed. They do still live in a dream world where they think that they are special and deserve because their ego's have no humility.
     I have tired to be an egoist but what I have found is that even the physically weakest persons I have met had greater strength than I. Even the less intellectual I have met taught me that living a principled life is more rewarding that chasing after fool's gold. Where once I was always anxious about something new and exciting or bored beyond control with the everyday, I am now content and peaceful about all that is around me. I have a serenity that allows me to smile at those who need a smile or say a kind word or help in some small way those who are downtrodden and without. I accept that the world is hard as my starting point, despite that I rail against it being so hard, I do not give into it. The world is hard because we don't make it easier and that is why I do what I do.

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