Thursday, March 24, 2016

Our work is never done (#2610)

     Politics, it is what will lead us to our future. If you feel that you have no stake in politics because it doesn't intersect directly in your life then you need this lesson. Everything in life is political. From your starting wage and workplace safety features, your health options through to your eventual retirement. Politics is a quality of life issue in every way. From sick leave when you really need it to unemployment insurance when the economy gets tough. To welfare and food stamps if that is how bad it gets or is. Decisions about your heart and who you can legally love is all political if you hadn't noticed. So is whether you can do intelligent family planning.
     Democracy has been fought for and won in our Revolutionary was and has been maintained through world wars and attacks here in our home. But there are forces who are citizens of our great American nation who would take our democracy from us in order to consolidate a society that made decisions for us based upon their egoistic proclivities. We are facing the greatest danger to our democracy, not from without but from within. This danger I speak of is the loss of our voice, which is our vote. Republicans under the guise of eliminating practically speaking, infinitesimal voter fraud have now disenfranchised millions of the right to vote. Yes, millions who just a decade ago who could have voted are not able to now with new laws passed by republicans to restrict their access to democracy.
     This is why we liberal/progressive democrats have to keep our nose to the wheel and call out the nefarious practices of voter suppression and economic and social harm to the working/middle/poor class. We all have a duty to each other in a democracy to never leave anyone behind. Just like the warriors who fight our wars practice. If you don't know you are in an intellectual war with those who hate equality and the right for all of us to have a pursuit of happiness as a right then wake up now and get yourself on board with learning who is doing what to whom. Don't take my word for it here, learn it for yourself, because in the end a smart, thinking society is our greatest achievement.

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