Friday, March 4, 2016

Take responsibility for your life and own it! (#2590)

     This is why so many still will not let go of a higher order God. They are not able to accept the consequences of their actions so therefore need to have a way to make their immoral/unjust thoughts and actions unconsciously/consciously, go away. It is like the child who refuses to accept reality. If I can just ask for forgiveness for my thoughts and actions then they will go away thank you. Yet we do a disservice to ourselves by thinking that something as easy as oops, will help us become better people. The opposite is more the reality where we almost always do the bad thought and behavior again because it can be so easily forgiven by a God.
     I know I will always have a bad thought or act badly from time to time but instead of asking for help from some belief system, I take responsibility and work to change that from ever happening again. I am my own sovereign, I don't need to pretend that I am anything less. I am a human being trying to figure my way through life as best as I can and not accepting responsibility for my thoughts and actions is less than who I am. I can forgive myself for my life's choices as long as I stop doing the same thing over and over again. I don't need to be fearful or immature about what I do or don't do.
     For me there are few if any shortcuts in life to do anything of value that offer growth and maturity. By doing things the right way we find that there is nothing left forgotten nor undone. Not only that but we are better served by our efforts when they are completed. Life is not that hard. We just need to remember to be the best person we can be while taking the time to not only do things correctly but to take responsibility for all that we think and do. I don't follow everything I think, often I just dismiss my thoughts. But when I act on them you can be mostly assured, (I still make some mistakes) that I am acting in a positive and helpful manner. Why? Because I am the master of my life and my life will be the best of who I can or will be. Period!

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