Saturday, March 19, 2016

The inability of conservatives to face facts (#2605)

     This is why I rail so hard against them. Republicans can only hear their own voices and the voices they hear are disingenuous at best or outright liars at worst. Republicans cannot admit that they created a mess and when the cleaning up time comes they assail the cleaning as if the cleaners were initially responsible. It seems to work for them because the American electorate cannot distinguish between the guilty and the non-guilty and republicans keep getting elected. I was in a bipartisan "debate" group and asked this question, Have conservative republicans ever instituted a law that helped the working/middle/poor class? I got nothing back from them.
     The reason they could not give me an example is because no conservative republican program exists. There were liberal progressive republican programs in the past like, the EPA under Nixon, and the Interstate highway program under Eisenhower but both those were progressive programs that those two republican presidents rose above the rancor in their own party to create. In today's political climate, a liberal or progressive republican cannot exist. He/she would be ousted from the conservative party for even having a hint of bipartisanship. All other major social programs have been created by democrats. We democrats see the liberal progressive agenda as our future toward modernity.
     Modernity is the vision for our continuing ascendance toward a more perfect union envisioned by our founders. no amount of incongruent nostalgia about "the good old days" that republicans illogically propagate will dissuade our path forward if we remain mindful of what has gotten us this far. The journey is still on a firm path but if we are not careful we may succumb to the fear and suffering republicans maintain we are headed for. But again, their vision is full of fear and suffering since they are obstructing their own ability to to face facts. We must always be prudent in our policies going forward but that lesson has been learned by we democrats and until republicans can learn their lesson of accepting facts as the truth we use to communicate with each other then their relevancy to our future is minimal to non-existent at best.

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