Sunday, April 17, 2016

America's heart beats less proudly (#2634)

     There is a political party here in America, republicans, that have slowly taken the soul out of our hearts. They feel that hurting people who are vulnerable is what is best for the vulnerable. All stick and no carrot. Apparently they have little conscience angst over their strategy. For all the world to see they are showing how cruel and brutish they can be to the vulnerable in our society. What they fail to see is that it makes them look petty and obnoxious. There are now 47 million of we Americans who live in poverty here in America. Republicans offer no help for us except around the edges and only by a small degree. Otherwise they have stood fast in denying help as a cure for poverty. I know it makes little sense but then again hate doesn't often show us logic.
     Republicans also deny help in reducing debt that our working /middle/poor class accumulated during the recent great recession and instead want to reduce the few burdens the wealthy have. Now the wealthy are enjoying the highest income disparity compared with the working/middle/poor class in a century and republicans are hell bent to make that gap even larger for the wealthy. The wealthy are as much to blame as the sycophant republican politicians for allowing their minions to undermine the health and welfare of our once more equal nation. The wealthy have a stake in our society to help along all of it's citizens toward democratic ideals, but instead the wealthy are all about profit at any cost, including the eventual destruction of our planet if they can turn enough of a profit.
     I had always felt that we here in America were especially fortunate to have moved our society toward an egalitarian one where all of us could get an honest and fair opportunity to pursue our happiness and help others do the same. We are not that America now. We are the America where blood and treasure are commodities for profit and the hopes and dreams of our citizens must be balanced against what is better and best for the wealthy. Republicans have betrayed most all the ideals of democracy and they are not done yet. Let us rise up and stop the insanity that republicans and the wealthy think is their privilege and advantage to own.

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