Friday, April 1, 2016

By weakening public schools republicans are weakening the middle class (#2618)

     It is NOT a coincidence that state school funding gets cut under republican leadership. In order to preserve or create new tax cuts for the wealthy, the republicans take from the future of our youth, our workers, women in particular and our seniors. The wealthy can already afford to give their children top notch private educational resources, while in the public sphere, each new cut from public education makes it much harder if not impossible for more and more non wealthy students to compete with their wealthy student counterparts. Public education was meant to be the great equalizer in education. It's goal was to give all of us a chance to succeed on a somewhat level playing field.
     Public education isn't perfect in it's goal but it was and is a tremendous tool to help close the gap between the haves and the don't haves. With republicans cutting public education they are showing in another unambiguous way that they do not care for the middle class. In their perfect little vision of the world, if there were a larger poor class, their wealthy donors would be well positioned with unlimited cheap labor. What I am saying here is that republicans and many of the wealthy place their potential profits above the interests of the democracy that allows them to flourish. In other words, they are cavalierly cutting off their faces to spite their noses.
     Since there are many times over more in the middle class and poor class than any other class it would seem logical that the middle class would make sure it was registered to vote and then vote all republicans out of office. Yet things are never as simple as that. We have seen in this latest presidential primary campaign where divisiveness and propaganda can influence many within the middle class to vote against it's best future. Where even today after decades of little to no wage growth for the working/middle/poor we are still having a hard time giving ourselves the due of a wage increase, despite the FACT of the wealthy enjoying the greatest income inequality gap. Despite most all profits going to the top one tenth of one percent. It is as if we aren't being taught the basics of education. Sound familiar?

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