Monday, April 25, 2016

Defining the nature of our future human evolution (#2642)

     What we do right now will hopefully establish what our future should be like. We know what our past and present have been but what the future holds for us will be determined by what we do today. I am focusing as much on our own individual future in this context as on the future of our species, especially when it is in combination with society. Are we going to be the free thinkers who are beyond having to spend most all our days fighting and scraping just to stay alive? Or are we going to be able to focus on knowledge and what that can bring to establishing a foundation for our enlightenment?
     If you think that you are too insignificant you would be wholly wrong. Every breath we take has meaning. Every action we instigate is a step somewhere forward, even if it is backward, it is still somewhere. So decide if you want to be part of the force within our species that moves us toward a betterment. Like all souls who have lived, even those who accomplished little in the eyes of currently accepted peers, our thoughts and actions have a direction. So be in charge of the direction that your thoughts and actions reflect. Be a small but important cog in the metaphorical machine that moves our society toward the true nature of humanity, which are care and wonder.
     We must treat ourselves with an importance of greater destiny despite any and all commiseration we may find ourselves living in the whirligig of our current society. This current society does not reflect what is best about us, instead it makes us make decisions that are unworthy of enlightened human endeavor. A purpose has been shown here for all of us to grasp. A purpose to make a difference not only for our own mental health but for a future for our species continuation that is more applicable to what is best about our species. The honor of care and the nobility of wonder are our true natures and working to build a society that celebrates that for all of us is our next destination in this era.

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