Friday, April 29, 2016

Empowered by knowledge (#2646)

     Once your eyes have been opened to more, you realize just how lucky you are to have been awakened. There is always more so never settle for less. Knowledge is a most empowering paradigm. I have never felt so strong than when I have realized something new, especially when that new awareness changes the whole of who I had become. Shattered and rattled, knowledge is the ultimate quaking. it takes us from futility, from a place where hope is scarce, from where is this all there is? Knowledge thrusts us up into an enlightenment that is akin to the first sight of being birthed into existence.
     Few things compare to the experience of going from a simple understanding to a more complex one. Where not all things are exactly right or wrong but where there are degrees of what could and should be right and/or wrong. Where belief systems take a back seat to the two factors that are real, our human nature and our environment. Reality based knowledge does more for one's soul than the hope for a faith to be real. Accepting that we are human and live in this environment is reality and nothing more exists in reality except the building of knowledge surrounding these factors. The beautiful thing about it is that we are just now learning how to think like the logical beings we have evolved into.
     I have said it many times here in this blog. we are biological data processors. We have memory and sensors to accumulate knowledge that we store in our long and short term memory banks. We are mobile and can adapt to changing factors with an impressive comprehensiveness. Our environment is mostly stable but does have an uncertainty about it that challenges us to apply our curiosity in ever imaginative ways. We are an amazing species that although full of question, never relent to find answers. Reality is our base and knowledge is our inevitable manifest destiny to move beyond that base.

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