Sunday, April 24, 2016

I am still that 16 year old boy/man inside (#2641)

     I may be in my sixties now but damn it if I don't still have the sensations of that young boy/man I used to be. I remember the late sixties early seventies as my time to grow up and experience all that life had to offer. the world was out ahead of me and nothing was tying me down except my own wishes and desires. It was a tumultuous and inspiring time to be coming of age. From Vietnam and free love to the best music ever created, I was alive and full of sensations. I am not the physical specimen I was back then but my mind is alive with those memories. Which is why I still feel like the young boy/man I was back then.
     I still get excited getting to know someone who is attractive to me. It is like I am that inexperienced teenage boy all over again. Even when I sit back and listen to the music of my generation I get to toe tapping and finger popping all over again. I cannot get down and funky like I used to on the dance floor but my body sure does want me to try. Just like when I see the politics of today reflecting the same discontent and passion from our youth I get all up in my seat and want to holler out with them "this is not right"! The passion for right is as strong as the passion for attraction with me and that is something I think will never change.
     As well is the youthful concepts I have running through my mind. I still think like I am a kid who is full of hubris to change everything right now to make the world better. I know that it can be done regardless of what reality is constantly telling me. This is how I know that the drive and passion I have is still burning hot and bright and that is why I know I am fortunate not to have lost it. I have never been one who becomes cynical or a pessimist. It isn't part of my particular nature to be depressed and quit. I seldom win nowadays but I never quit because of that boy/man who still resides inside me.

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