Saturday, April 23, 2016

I have faith in hope (#2640)

     It isn't religion that inspires my faith, nor is it a sense of privilege or advantage that fuels my faith either. it is hope. The hope that is generated by the will of people just like me. Those who never quit despite all odds against. It is amazing how often I get to see and learn of someone or something overcoming against great odds. Hope does that for me. That is what I have faith in. An indomitable spirit that although not probable has a way of succeeding. It is the fight we have within us that makes hope come to fruition. I have been disappointed many times when I have given my all to something but that does not stop me since I have learned that my success is in the trying, not necessarily in the succeeding.
     My faith that sometimes I can turn an improbable into a reality is secure. I do not get disappointed or defeated when I am unable to will my way to a solution. Instead I continue to fight on other fronts because I know that eventually I will succeed. I don't quit even when I have lost. I look at it this way as a metaphor, every fight is a battle, not the war. I may lose many battles but I will never stop fighting to win the war. In other words I never quit or give up. It isn't in my nature to stop doing or being what is better or best. If we all thought like this our problems would shrink dramatically and all our major concerns would have solutions.
     But we don't all think with a relentlessness to fight for everything that matters. We often quit because the going got hard and it inconvenienced us too much. It is a matter of priority and until we are as a society able to place the betterment of our society above our own individual concerns for our own economics and beliefs, we will never know the fruition of our greatest hopes. Our faith will be placed not in what is more perfect about us but instead in keeping ourselves from the battles where we truly belong. Yet, despite all the disarray of focus for our society on whole I keep the vigil to have faith in hope. Hope is where our future lies and hope is where I stake all of me.

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