Tuesday, April 19, 2016

In the timeline of human life what is your marker? (#2636)

     I have a sovereign, but it is not what you may think. It is my conscience. I know what is right and good in just about every situation and circumstance and that idealism is the hoped for benchmark for my thoughts and actions. I am not close to being what I want to be but I am closer to it because of my ideals. I don't know what difference I can make in a world that continually turns over billions of souls as we live, die and new souls are born, but if I don't have a purpose like the one I have then what is the point of it all anyway? I can tell you now that many have already reached that cynical conclusion and as such have no regard for legacy or some unknown effect that may come from their actions while they are or were alive.
     I have felt the sensation of being honorable, of being noble, of sacrifice for something beyond me. I crave those feelings that I experience. It is what drives me to experience more of them. I understand my purpose to being as good or better a human being than not. The idea of having a purpose is to give me a mission to undertake. A plan for living that surrounds me with what is great about the human spirit and exemplifies what could be even greater about an evolving human species regardless if I am here to be part of it or not. I am but a blip on the timeline of humanity yet I feel that my being a blip is not insignificant.
     Maybe it is just me, a child who grew up to be a man that discarded fear for the power of courage. A child who knew the despair of hopelessness and refused to accept it. A child who understood that fighting for my own life was more important that letting it slip away into irrelevancy. A man now who knows that holding myself to a standard of respect and dignity is just as important as my own sense of selflessness. I am the model I created for myself to try to live as the human being I most admire. I don't look at others or to others to find my principles, I look within my own conscience and then try to live up to that.

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