Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Making the working/middle/poor class suffer is not how to address poverty (#2644)

     I look at the state of Wisconsin and see how a republican governor, legislature and now a majority conservative state supreme court have dictated a strategy of making the working/middle/poor class in Wisconsin pay a price for not being more successful. Republicans have taken the philosophy of "the carrot and the stick" to a lesser meaning by only applying the stick. Republicans seem to think that people are responsible for their own destiny despite all evidence to the contrary when they are faced with institutional barriers. The poor cannot just become wealthy without intervening programs and better education, along with more opportunities for decent paying jobs.
     What Wisconsin republicans have done is lessen resources for educational systems throughout the state, cut social programs that help sustain the poor when times are difficult and destroy good paying union jobs with right to work legislation that is improperly titled. It isn't just right to work, it is right to work for less. Giving the wealthy more of the profits from the labor side of the equation. It isn't enough that the republican governor there and his cohorts in the state's legislature have given the wealthy many unnecessary tax breaks which have reduced tax revenues urgently needed to repair the infrastructure, improve school environments and keep social programs available for those who cannot survive on less than livable wages.
     It isn't only Wisconsin that is suffering from a strategy of austerity that only benefits the wealthy and focuses much more suffering on the working/middle/poor class. Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi and other midwestern and southern states are also reeling from the republican strategy to make the working/middle/poor class suffer. Beating down on the most vulnerable is the republican way and until we the working/middle/poor class start to figure out that we deserve better from our society than blame, it won't stop!

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