Thursday, April 14, 2016

Republicans attacking the disabled (#2631)

     I went to a post where it reiterated President Obama's push to include the totally disabled in a program that helps them with student loan relief. Now it isn't a perfect program by far as there still are lingering tax issues that must be dealt with but all in all it is an attempt to make the life of those who are limited in their physical and mental capacities a little bit less challenging. So I went to the comment section of the post and was filled with anger from conservatives who felt that they were footing the bill for these deadbeat disabled and called many of them fakers. For the life of me I was unsettled by the vitriol and it soon became obvious that these conservatives want no relief for anyone. Until you think about how you never hear conservatives say anything about corporate welfare.
     I can't imagine that the disabled would owe in total about a few billion dollars in student loans yet corporations receive over 92 billion in aid every year, So what causes the conservatives to hate on the disabled, food stamp/welfare recipients, and unemployment and social security insurance participants and not the wealthy? I want to call them cowards. They attack those who are in difficulty while not saying a word about those who could fight them back easily enough. Much like bullies who go after the weaker ones to make themselves look tough. They also refuse to recognize that 47 million people live in poverty while there are only 5.4 million job openings, many in technical fields that require higher education and many in the lowest paying jobs that keep people in poverty.
     I suppose I should not only call them cowards but slow witted as well. The reason these disabled went to higher education in the first place was to try and get one of those better paying technical jobs in the first place and most ended up with a huge debt instead. I can't stop conservative republicans from speaking their vileness at the downtrodden but they cannot stop me from calling them out as the cowardly slow witted haters that they are.

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